Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Paranormal Entity

We stumbled upon this movie while browsing the Netflix library. We did the research, and found out that it was a type of movie called a "mockbuster." A mockbuster is a film, often made with a low budget, created with the apparent intention of piggy-backing on the publicity of a major film with a similar title or theme. This film is obviously a mockbuster of the film Paranormal Activity . You guys are probably aware that we did not enjoy Paranormal Activity (henceforth referred to as PA), so we decided to watch this film to give the genre a second chance.
The film was about a family still grieving the death of a father. As with PA, the son decides to film apparent paranormal activity in their house. Apart from the son, there were three other characters: the mother, the sister, and a psychic. This supernatural force came about when the mother tried to contact her deceased husband, thus opening the door for this demonic entity. The movie plays out the same as PA, with a repitition of activity and then a reaction. What set this movie apart is that the actual "activity" is present throughout the film, rather than sporadic points of mediocre parlor tricks. The ending to the movie was more satisfying than the half-assed "jump out" scare of Paranormal Activity.
We think this movie accomplished what Paranormal Activity set out to accomplish. The instances of the supernatural were a bit more entertaining and creepy. The actual plot of the movie exceeded that of PA. The acting was about the same, however, the sister was smoking hot. The movie wasn't as silly as we thought the "other one" was. The ending of the movie was definitely an improvement, and didn't leave us disgruntled. All in all, this movie was enjoyable. Although it wasn't the greatest movie, it was a significant improvement over Paranormal Activity.