Friday, July 24, 2009

In the news...

Hello all my fellow horror junkies. Chuck here bringing you some headlines in the world of HORROR! Every now and again I will post some exciting news about all different kinda stuff. Here's a few right now:
  • The trailer for "Saw VI" is now available online. Will they ever stop making these movies?! The first one was OK but come on now we get it! Anyway, to view the trailer, click here
  • We can now catch a glimpse of the new Freddy Krueger from the upcoming "Nightmare on Elm Street" remake. I admit that he doesnt look too bad, but its still a HUGE turn off to know that the legendary Robert Englund isnt behind the make up. The pic isnt great quality, but its all we got for now. To see the new Freddy, click here
  • George Romero news everyone...George Romero has finally decided on a title for his upcoming flick guessed it - ZOMBIES! The title of the new film, at the moment, is "Survival of the Dead." The movie reportedly takes place on a small island town. More details still to come!
  • The Sci-Fi (now SyFy) channel produced remake of Children of the Corn finally has a television release date. September 26 fans will have the opportunity to see the movie updated.
  • From Tromaville: Troma will be releasing the Spanish Zombie film "The Hanging Woman" on DVD September 29. The movie was made in 1973, and has yet to make its North American DVD debut. Premise:
    Paul Naschy plays a supporting role as a deranged gravedigger in this zombie movie, set in a small highland village in 19th-century Scotland, where a stranger's arrival to claim an inheritance is met with apocalyptic visions and other evil omens. The town unearths a crypt full of horrors, including a devil-worshipping coven and throngs of the living dead. -- taken from
That's all I got for sure and stay tuned to BLOG OF THE DEAD for some more news in the future!


  1. cant believe theres another saw. game may be somewhat interesting but probably not. def a series that needs to go.

  2. The Freddy Krueger picture is not a sell for me. It was never about the look that made Robert Englund so good in the role. It was his mannerisms and his personality that gave him life. Anyone can put on the sweater and burn victim mask and "look" like Freddy Kreuger, but it takes the full gambit to actually be him.

  3. thats the truth Mike. thats why i said its still a huge turnoff. anyone can look like Freddy...but Englund IS Freddy. I will probably still see the movie anyway, even tho I am disappointed.

  4. Hey boys I was wondering if you had any news on the Dark Shadows movie with Johnny Depp?