Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Soul to Take 3D (2010)

This is the first blog post that we've actually done together for some time, as we are both attending college in different states. Mike came to PBU for a visit, and we decided that the perfect way to spend our evening would be to head out to the local theater for a viewing of Wes Craven's new flick My Soul to Take. As fans of Wes Craven, we thought it would be sacrilegious to miss out on this. While watching, we couldn't help but wonder...where is Freddy?

Quick Spoiler Free Summary:
 The movie started out with a flashback of a man with schizophrenia realizing that he is a serial killer terrorizing the residents of Riverton. On the anniversary of the death of the Riverton Ripper, seven kids born on that very same date sixteen years prior attempt to allude the vengeful killer. As the teens begin to be picked off one by one, those involved start to question whether or not they know who the killer actually is. Did the Riverton Ripper actually die? If so, has his ghost returned to seek revenge? Or is there an unexpected possibility that nobody expected could be possible?


Plot- 3.5/5
The movie's plot was nothing spectacular, however it wasn't just a goon in a mask. Although it had the aspects of a typical slasher movie, it wasn't as straightforward as a man with a knife who kills teenagers one by one in increasingly gruesome fashions. There was a little thinking that had to be done, which made it a little different than your Friday the 13th's and your Halloween's. The movie's plot was more akin to a murder mystery than your average slasher flick; with the several possible suspects being provided from the start. 

Acting- 3/5
The highlight of the acting was the main character Bug, who had to act with several different personalities. None of the acting seemed like it was over done or lacking in any area. It was all believable, which made it easy to connect with the characters. The movie lost points when the Ripper was allowed to talk. He seemed to channel Freddy Krueger at times with attempts at wit, but fell flat when his lines were delivered in a goofy manner.

Gore- 2.5-5
The film wasn't as gory as you would expect a slasher movie today. With today's bloodsoaked cinema we're not used to seeing a minimalist approach to gore, especially in a genre where these elements are the main event. There seemed to be points where there was unnecessary CGI, as the effects could have been easily shown using natural means. It seems like filmmakers are becoming more reliant on computers where blood packs and pumps would look more realistic. Its a small gripe, but it is still one that bothers us.

Fear- 2.5/5
One of the elements of the movie that can cause fear is the uncertainty of the identity of the killer. The film is set up so that every one of the possible suspects has a viable motive for being the Ripper. The obligatory "jump out" scares make their appearance, but they aren't enough to spark any real terror. The idea of a deranged person going around killing you and your friends does give one a primal sense fear, but at the end of the day, its a road well traveled. 

In Conclusion- 3/5
At the end of the movie, we didn't feel as though our money was wasted. The movie was nothing spectacular, but we definitely didn't leave the theater angry. The last two movies that we saw in the theater were big disappointments and this was a bit of a relief to be watch an actual horror movie. While not a milestone slasher film, it did nothing wrong that messed with the formula. If that's all that matters to you, then give it a shot. If you're looking for more creativity and gore, then wait for Hatchet II to come out on DVD.

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